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Telecollaborative Project - Food Prices Around the Globe

What do you eat?
     What does your family eat?
          How much does food cost?
Read and browse through the pictures in What the World Eats.

Compare the grocery expenses of one of the families in the article to your own household's. Ask the adult in your house responsible for purchasing groceries how much he or she spends each week.

To get started...

  1. Print a copy of the grocery list. Use the list appropriate for your location (U.S. or World) to record prices when you visit the grocery store.

  2. If your local currency is not U.S. dollars, use the following link to convert your local currency to U.S. dollars.

  3. Enter the prices (in U.S. dollars) in the survey.

  4. Check this page for a link to the results.

Created on August 3, 2007 Last updated on August 5, 2007